The Team

A close-knit team that loves their work and preserves the tradition of Chianti Classico by taking care of the land and its vineyards on a daily basis.

La Sala del Torriano - Francesco Rossi Ferrini


Francesco Rossi Ferrini

through La Sala del Torriano, Francesco realizes his dream every day, which is to create great wines by enhancing the most vocated areas of the territory, with full respect for the environment and the expression of the terroir of San Casciano in Val di Pesa. Francesco works in London and every spare moment he spends supporting his team with energy and passion.

Patrizia Cateni - La Sala del Torriano

Patrizia Cateni

Mother of Francesco, oversees the business management and personally manages the hospitality of the agriturismo. She speaks five languages.

Ovidio Mugnaini - La Sala del Torriano


Ovidio Mugnaini

enologist, Ovidio is the soul of the winery. Entirely dedicated to his work, he follows each stage with painstaking care. He inherits his passion for the vineyard and wine from his grandfather Ezio, a great farmer with 75 years spent as a winemaker, with whom he would go to the fields as a child to learn every secret.

La Sala del Torriano - Stefano di Blasi - consulente enologo e agronomo chianti classico tuscany

Consultant agronomist and enologist

Stefano di Blasi

after a long experience in the research and development department of one of the most important Tuscan companies, Stefano has been collaborating with La Sala del Torriano since 2010, where he gives guidelines and supervises the production process in the vineyard and in the cellar. From the dialectical confrontation between Stefano and Ovidio, our wine is born.

Lorenzo Mugnaini - La Sala del Torriano

Sales Manager

Lorenzo Mugnaini

after a career in another industry, Lorenzo followed in his older brother Ovidio’s footsteps and joined him on the La Sala del Torriano team. After years in charge of retail sales and the wine club, he is now the company’s sales manager.

Susanna Damico Rossi Ferrini La Sala del Torriano

Brand ambassador

Susanna D'Amico

Wife of Francesco, who is passionate about wine and champagne, is brand ambassador and is in charge of sales. As a lawyer, she oversees the company’s legal affairs.

La Sala del Torriano - Jessica Convitti

administrative office

Jessica Conviti

every company needs a reliable and patient contact person who addresses every problem in a precise and timely manner.
This is Jessica, an administrative manager with a soft spot for criminology and animals.
Thanks to her commitment and passion for bees, since 2024 La Sala del Torriano has been home to five hives and produces its own honey, thus contributing to the preservation of biodiversity in the vineyards.

Valentina Mihai, Vasilj Savulesku, Gelu Mihai e Marcin Blaszczuk

Alexander Rossi Ferrini

son of Francesco, a native English speaker with a degree in engineering management, helps with translations and directs research and innovations.

Sofia - La Sala del Torriano

Sofia Rossi Ferrini

daughter of Susanna and Francesco, she is the one who tastes the grapes and must before the harvest 😊

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